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Friday, April 26

charity program : #TwtUpKejut


walopon aku xfemes tp aku nk share gk kt kome pasal satu program yg aku follow..#TwtUpKejut la nmenye...haaaa...padia plak ni an??
hehe..program ni adalah untuk pegguna medan laman sosial twitter terutamanya..ianya merupakan charity program yg guna slogan "you pay us for the homeless"..hurm...curious x???

mainly ni la programnye

slaen tu..korg bleh gk join contest dye..

program ni sehari je tw..bertempat kt USM kejuruteraan Nibong Tebal, penang. 11 korg free on that day and u r happen to be come n join..

ni video promo oleh artis yg akn dtg nanti..hehe

u guys can check them out kat seventeeneleven
do follow @TwtUpKejut untk sespe yg ada twitter tu

Tuesday, April 23

Best Friends

aku penah post ni kt notes fb matter how much i look at still give me the same impact.
ni aku post buat sume bff yg xdpt tngok kt fb aku sbb dh wat private..

They are there to be obnoxious with you...

And to listen to your stupid stories.

They know how to cheer you up...

And how to bring you down.

They know when you like someone...

Or when you need to rebuild your self esteem.

Sometimes, they can be anoying...

Or just simply embarrassing...

But they will be always there for you, forever.

same post same image but greater impact (^.-)

Cerita laen :)

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